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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

He Lost a Pet

I woke up to the sounds of Garrett and Justin yelling, "Mom, Pinky and Elephant are in the cage together." In my dazed state, I didn't think too much of it. Of course, when I got in to the bedroom, the hamsters were indeed in the same cage. I guess Pinky had figured out a way to escape up instead of running a muck in the house, he figured a way into Elephant's cage.

I walked into the room and they were both pretty quiet, ignoring each other. Pinky was walking around same as usual, looking at his new surroundings. Elephant on the other hand was curled up into a ball. When I got a closer look, Elephant was pretty beaten up. He had a real big cut under his right eye and several places on his back with blood spots. It seems that once Pinky got into the cage, he wasn't a very nice house guest.

I went to the expert in our house, my hubby the vet and we discussed our options. The prognosis was not too good for our little hamster. Hubby took Elephant to work so he could take care of putting him down there.

After Dad left for work, I pulled the boys together and talked to them about the situation. I explained that Elephant was too hurt and that he was going to go live with Jesus today. I was crying and then Garrett was crying. I had completely forgotten that Elephant was his pet. He asked if he would see him again in Heaven. I said yes. And the best part is that in Heaven, Elephant wouldn't try to bite him.

These are the days I hate being a mom.

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