Where has the time gone?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Time really has past faster than I expected. My mom always said that once I got married to grab on to the reins and hold on. Okay, those aren't her words exactly, but you get the drift. It's already October and I haven't written anything since what, May?

This year has been crazy, but not as crazy as most. I guess the two things that I will remember most about this year, so far, are our trip to El Paso, Texas this summer. We finally made it to a small family reunion were all six siblings and our families were able to see each other. Thirty-two people in one house was definitely an adventure. But we survived, long enough to still be smiling at the end of the trip.

The second thing will be Garrett's last IEP. It continues to amaze me how much earlier and earlier they are trying to get us to prepare for graduation. Now if Garrett was a "normal" kid, I would be thrilled, excited about the prospect of the education system taking such an interest in this momentous step. And yet he's not. Their interest right now holds in whether he should take the FCAT. You all might not know this, but in Florida, if you child does not pass the FCAT in the third grade say "AMEN" to ever having hope of getting a real diploma. I know that I should be excited about the progress that he's already made. He's drawing, he's swimming, he's excited about being in cub scouts and has earned his Bear badge. But as a mother, you dream of all the things that come with that little piece of paper and its so hard to believe that at 9 that dream has already shattered. Deep in my brain, deep, deep down. . . I know this is the best situation for him. But, and there's always a "but" out there somewhere, in the immortal words of Sally Field from "Steel Magnolias". . . "I wish someone would explain it to my heart."
At this time in the history of the world, when everything is in flux and at times a little scary, I tell myself and you all to remember that God loves us. There is nothing that is laid before us that we can't handle, if we only let him show us the way.

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