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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Women's Conference

In our church, once a year we have a General Women's Broadcast. It is a satellite broadcast from Salt Lake City where we are able to hear messages from our church wide leaders. It is something that I have done every year since I was 12. I used to go with my mother in El Paso. I was the oldest of six daughters so it was pretty neat to go and have a few moments by myself with my mom. When I was 15, my sister, Elena, started to come with us. Two years later, we added my twin sisters, Sarah and Laura, to the mix.
When I first started coming the meeting was for those 12 and up. They had speakers from the Primary (the children's organization) and the Young Women's Organizations (the girls 12-18). Now the meeting is just for women 18 and up. I have yet to attend the meeting with my two youngest sisters.
Last night I arrived at the meeting and was helping out a sister and got separated from the group that I was with. By the time I caught up with them, there was no room left for me. I found an empty seat in the front row next to my friend, Sweetie. As the meeting progressed, a few sisters had to move because they were too close to the screen. I ended up with half the pew to myself. As I listened to the wonderful messages that were given, I started to think of my sisters.
After a few moments, I realized that if my mother and my sisters were there, there would be enough room for all of them on the bench next to me. I got a little teary eyed and realized how much I missed them. I hadn't seen all of them in over a year. We all live so far apart now days. Sarah's in North Dakota, I'm in Florida, Elena's in Utah, Laura's in Arizona, Hanna's in Texas and Emma's in Idaho. I'm so thankful for conference. Not only because I get to hear wonderful messages from the sisters of the church, but because that is one of the beautiful days of the year when I know that my sisters, mom and I are experiencing and sharing the same thing all at the same exact time. In some way, my sisters and mom where sitting there on that bench with me. Even though we are thousands of miles apart.

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