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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Leu Gardens

In some ways this blogging thing is great. In others its just as frustrating as everything else I do. I just spent ten minutes typing in what happened at Leu Gardens today. I pressed Save NOW and it did not save it.

Please forgive me if I sound a little upset trying to relieve my day for the third time.

Karen Pilcher and her family and me and mine went to Leu Gardens and saw a lot of things. The kids were kids and we went to Mickey D's after.

Wow, in two sentences I have just summed up everything that took me ten minutes to write the other friendly happy way. I must be tired. I promise one day when the kids are listening to me I will sum up the day better. Right now Garrett and JT are laughing instead of going to bed.

I'm sorry if I seem a little short. I walked a lot today and it is really taking some getting used to having the boys around all day. I will get a little break when Garrett starts summer school next week. We'll see. I'm also a little sad about how old I look. When I am not photograph I think my gray hair makes me look different and self-confident. When I see my picture, I feel old and Barbara Bush-like next to Todd. My poor sweetheart has to deal with all my weird whims.

Good night.

Of course, five minutes after I signout, I sign back on to add the picture and find the original draft. If you really like feeling bored, here is the whole story.

This morning we met with Karen Pilcher's family and went to Leu Gardens in Orlando.
She found out that if you went in before 12 on Mondays, you could get in for free. It was really neat. I had never been there. Since I have been gardening, it was neat to see what plants could actually grown and look great in our area.
I especially liked the veggie garden. I have been planting a garden of my own. Like the Leu Gardens, I have tomatoes, bush beans, corn and oregano. They had a lot of other neat things like okra, squash, celery, broccoli, fennel and kale (among other things). It was nice to see what other people have been able to have grow. It gave me some good ideas of what I could plant next February/March.
Right now I have three cucumbers that are almost ready to be pulled. I have three ears of corn. They weren't ready to be roasted on the grill, but maybe next year I'll have them in earlier so they will be ready.
For the most part the kids did really well. We had six kids and it would have been worse, but we did alright. They are kids in a place that they have never been to before and was full of neat colorful stuff. It was hard enough for me not to want to touch. I don't blame them for wanting to walk in the plants.
After the gardens we went to Mickey D's and had some ice cream and let the kids play on a playground. An Air conditioned playground. It was the first time Karen and I had had a real adult conversation the whole morning.
When we finally got home I was a bad mom and let the kids veg the rest of the afternoon. It was already after 2:30 by the time we got home.

Good Night.

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