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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Busy Morning

I love my son. I just keep saying that. I love my son.

Garrett's talking to me about Star Wars again. How many times have I talked to him about it? I keep telling myself that this is just him. Its just his autism and that it is just how he is.

Now he's asking to talk to his dad. Todd's at work and I've already told him five times that we can't bother today. He never wants to take NO for an answer. How can I distract him with something else? I need to cut his hair. I just asked him if he wanted me to. He said no and ran out of the room. Oh, he's back. Now he thinks its just a game I'm playing.

I am reminded of the scene in Gone With the Wind, when Rhett is three sheets to the wind and he has Scarlett sitting at their huge dining room table. She has humilitated him in front of the whole community. Rhett stands behind her and places his hands on either side of her head. He figures if he squeezes hard enough he will be able to squeeze Ashley Wilkes right out of her head. Somedays I wish I would press his head just enough that the autism would pop right out.

The other two are playing around now. I hear Garrett with JT saying, "Don't hit me with the lightsaber...yet." I know they are playing dog pile in the living room. "Now kill me." "I'm not going to kill you." Their lightsaber fights are so animated. Ryry the third is now playing referee. "Ma, he won't give it back to him." in his cute little three year old voice.

I keep telling myself that someday, I will miss these moments. Someday when they are grown and gone and Garrett is still wanting to play lightsaber that he and I will miss these moments.

He's still asking for the phone. I've told him "no" ten more times. Now he's trying to dial numbers. All this because Todd left for work without saying goodbye to him this morning.

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