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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Crazy Day

Yesterday was fun. I was so tired at the end of the day that I just veggied with Todd in front of the tv. I feel bad because by the time I got my laziness up to do scriptures and prayer, Garrett and JT were already asleep. I hate times when I do that. We've been on a really great schedule and then I just up and decide I don't want to anymore. My laziness kills me.

For all the nonlazy stuff yesterday, We went to one of the Orange county parks along the West Orange Trail and took our usual walk with Jen and her fam. This was the first time for Garrett and the whole time he kept saying, "Mom what are you trying to do kill me!" By the time our walk was done, we had walked a little over a mile. Jen's daughter decided she was tired of riding her bike, so she let JT ride. He loved it. Loved it so much that now I HAVE to go out and fix the flat on his second hand bike.

After the walk, we let the kids play and met up with Karen Pilcher there. I drifted back and forth between conversations with Jen and Karen.

When we got ready to leave, I unlocked the car and asked the boys to go in and buckle their seat belts. I talked to Karen for a few more minutes and went to get the car. They had done EXACTLY as I had asked them to do. They were all buckled up and ready to go. I was so excited that I decided to take them to McDonald's as a "thank you" for being so obedient.

We drove home, cleaned out the car and then left for Karen's for our afternoon activity. We let the kids play on her waterslide for a while and then we did leaf rubbing with the leaves we picked up yesterday at Leu Gardens.

In the early evening we went to Autism Gym, a program that our good friend Joanne Houwsers set up for the special needs children in our area to play. During the summer, we get to use the city pool for one hour a week. All to ourselves. Its so nice. One of the moms is the mother of one of the girls that Garrett talks about marrying someday. "S" is in his class at school. Well, we had a good discussion about the church. We talked about how in our church we are sealed to our families in the temple and how important being a family is.

We had started talking out the subject because I had just found out that one of my friends has a 14 year old daughter who is pregnant. I was thinking about how I would love to adopt this daughter's child. Mainly for my purely selfish reasons. "S's" mom asked what happens when a child is born into a single mom. I had to tell her that sealing doesn't happen unless the child can be sealed to a mother and father. I heard myself say the words and I just felt like I had told someone someone had died. And I felt that it was "S's" family that I had put the nail in the coffin for. I want to share so much with her because she had a great family. I hope I didn't scare her off. I continued to talk about how important family was to our religion, but it didn't seem the same after that. I really need to work on having the spirit.

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